“She was such a blessing to us. We wouldn’t of been able to do it without her. Fran is so gentle and so easy to talk to, her advice was so helpful. I would highly recommend Fran as a doula she would make your pregnancy and your birth a memorable one.”                    Jen, Andre & Baby Gabriel

“A huge thank you to Fran who we’re lucky enough to have as a friend and doula who will always surprise with a level of support and dedication that we don’t deserve. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”                        – Angy, Andrew & Baby Asher

“Oh where do I even begin… After much consideration my husband and I decided to get a doula to support us during our first born’s labour… We found Fran’s card at a massage salon and I got in contact with her. From our first appointment she was so supportive, had so much knowledge to share and continuously checked on how we were doing even the weeks after labour. Building up to the big day she had this calm way of preparing us for what’s to come and how to go about everything. On the day of our son’s birth she was present throughout, she supported us through it all and even reminded us to ask for things which never even crossed our minds or that we thought we could ask. Fran was one of the best decisions we made as a pregnant couple and first time parents and I would definitely recommend her services to any pregnant, mom to be. I felt as if I had my older sister with me throughout the pregnancy and labour. Doula Fran is one of the reasons I feel like a supermom because I was supported and encouraged by a superwoman!!!”                                                                        – Jamy, Joel & Baby Noah

“Fran made such a stressful and scary time to be more relaxing with her by my side.
She was calm and very supportive in everything
It was such a blessing having her and I can recommend her to any pregnant mom to be anytime.”                            – Maya, Victor & Baby Ethan

“What an incredible lady with SO much care and support! As a Birth Photographer I worked side by side with Doula Fran and was amazed at the level of care and attention to detail. Fran has a beautiful calming energy that instills confidence and warmth. She made sure mommy and daddy had their wishes fulfilled and took care of the finer details that can be overseen when excitement and anxiety for baby’s arrival start taking over. I highly recommend Fran!”                                            – Elaine Sangster, Birth Photographer

“Fran is the most caring and compassionate lady with a warm heart. She was a delight to have around during my little girl’s birth at HH. I highly recommend her for support during csection or natural birth. Thanks again for everything Fran.”                                                                  Shannon, Simon & Baby Kaylee